About E-commerce.ph

E-Commerce.ph provides e-commerce and online shop solutions and technologies needed to manage and launch a successful online business. It is a product of Online Thinkers Technology, an online solutions provider developing websites and e-commerce services to businesses since 2007.

First Online Shop Project

We launched our first e-commerce project in February 2008 for a flower shop business in Quezon City. It is built using a simple shopping cart that would enable our client to accept online orders. After almost a year our client called us up and told us that they are getting a lot of orders from their online shop. They were very thankful how we helped their business. Hearing something like that from a client inspired us to do better. We were even given a chance to redesign their website last December 2011 in which resulted to better sales. Now they are getting more online orders and they were able to open another flower shop in Makati City.

Since then we were able to create a lot of e-commerce projects from different industries using different platforms. We have made dozens of projects in USA, South Africa, Middle East, Singapore and Australia from outsourcing partners and direct clients.

Helping More People Grow Their Business Online

We are helping more people improve their business by bringing their products and services online. We live in a world where more and more people are buying what they need online. We believe that web and mobile technology will continuously evolve to make buying online easier.  Is your business ready for this?

 We believe that using different models we will be able to help businesses big and small to access web technologies and use it to their advantage

To craft a proper online shop, businesses need web professionals to guide them and help them achieve their goals. That is where we come in. And that is why we kept a well rounded team composed of designers, coders, programmers, coordinators and online marketing specialist.

This is the time to bring your business online and open it for the world to see. Reach new markets. Add new clients. Expose your business to new opportunities.  The bigger risk to your business is not to be able to explore possibilities with new technology when it is readily available in the market.

Why not give us a call? We have the right solution for your business. Our staff would be glad to assist you. Contact us now!

“We are an experienced team developing websites in the Philippines and abroad since 2007.”

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Here’s what some of our clients have to say.

  • The online flower shop that they created for us is a significant part of our business. Since we launched it, we are getting new orders around the world. The SEO they provided really exposed our business in a global scale.

    Emma San Jose of Larosa Flower Shop
  • People are now more engaged with our website. Visitors can easily place inquiries. And the product design feature on our site is just so cool.

    Catherine Garcia of Promoworx
  • Our old platform limits us on the functionality that we want for our shop. With the help of E-commerce.ph we are now using a platform that can grow with our needs and accommodate the features we want for our online shop. Cheers to the team.

    Holly Uhlich of Tevita
  • We would like to thank the team for always providing us with great support. Collaborating with them, we are able to lunch multiple projects with ease. They also helped us with special tasks and functionality that would make our websites more dynamic.

    Gino Evaristo of Key Media

“Communications is at the heart of e-commerce and community.”— Meg Whitman, President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard

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Marulas, Valenzuela City
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30 Jasmin St., Happy Site,

Marulas, Valenzuela City, Philippines

Tel: +632 372-56-30

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