Attracting Teens to Your Online Shop

According to ComScore, About 80 percent of online teens age 12-17 or between 12 to 15 million teen shoppers, visit retail sites. They are far more skillful at Internet use than adult users, according to popular conception. Teens don’t fear technology as much as adults do; in fact, they are much more comfortable with it. But for a teen user, there’s something doesn’t work for them, “they can’t overcome a lot of technological obstacles and that is because they have much less patience. They just abandon the process if it doesn’t work the way they expect”.

Rules in selling to Teens:

Showing Price

Displaying price along with the product is one factor to consider for teenage shoppers. More than for adults, this is more important for teens.

Teens don’t have a lot of money that’s why they are so conscious to price. As well as in the Nielsen study, “A huge number of kids went straight to the sale section.”

Sorting Products by Preference

Because of the limited budget of the teens, allowing user to sort product by a variety of factors like by size, by color, and definitely by price, is a good idea. The study says, “Teens use price as a sorting factor.”

Offer Wish Lists

One of the effective sales tool with teens is offering an online wish list. Because posting a wish list allows them to direct other user like their parents and friends to gifts they want.

Don’t Require Registration

It has a negative effect on both adult and teen shoppers to require a registration prior to purchase. Because of their limited patience, it will discourage sales to fill out a form. In additional, giving out their personal data online are often cautioned by their parents.

Design Tips for the Teen Shopper:

Interactivity of Website

Videos, games, online quizzes, and voting are good interactive tools. These are a great way to jazz up a website and keep visitors to the site entertained especially for a teens to pay attention.


Straight text is boring. It is much more appealing for a text to be accompanied by a pictures and graphics. Teens want to stick with the site that has pictures than sites that don’t.

Fast Loads are Important

Again, teens have limited patience so if slow loading site dissuade other users, teens even more so. This tends the user to abandon a site or results in a mass exodus.

Every designers goal is to make their website to have more graphical interface and have these interesting features, but users especially teens, will be disinterested if even at high speed connections, it takes too long to load.

Avoid Small Fonts

Designers sometimes tend to design things that are edgy, but teens actually prefer to read text that is little bit larger, easier to read and they don’t want text and background colors that have low contrast.

Remember, teens tend to multi-task. Their attention span is not go for small text because they’re doing many different things so their attention is being diverted.

Attracting teens to your online shop is important. By following the steps in this article, will help to increase the number of visitors in your site, and ultimately grow your business online.

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