Attracting Teens to Your Online Shop

According to ComScore, About 80 percent of online teens age 12-17 or between 12 to 15 million teen shoppers, visit retail sites. They are far more skillful at Internet use than adult users, according to popular conception. Teens don’t fear technology as much as adults do; in fact, they are much more comfortable with it. But for a teen user, there’s something doesn’t work for them, “they can’t overcome a lot of technological obstacles and that is because they have much less patience. They just abandon the process if it doesn’t work the way they expect”.

Major Benefits of E-Commerce to Businesses

Let us look at the amazing benefits of e-commerce and its importance to your business. Today, e-Commerce has revolutionized the way companies are doing business. Now, consumers can purchase almost anything online 24×7 and get an ultimate shopping experience. Before you opt for an e-Commerce business, have a look on its comprehensive benefits that you can enjoy.

10 Popular Online Payment Gateways

One big question for any online seller is “How do I process payments from customers?”. Most online businesses use a solution known as an “Online payment gateway”. If you want to provide the best buying experience for your customers, you will definitely need one that is good and reliable..

There are many payment gateways available, so to help you decide which one to use, I did some research and came up with a list of the 10 most popular gateways along with a comparison chart. This will help you pick the best payment solution for you and your customers, more easily.